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Bitcoin Buyer Honest Review – Is This App Worth It?

Bitcoin Trading

Back in 2009, when Bitcoin was first released, people were sceptical about its future. Yet, today, they are becoming more interested in it. Several companies, and governments worldwide, also recognized how cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. 

Although crypto trading can be a complicated process, it’s not only large corporations and trading experts who have shown interest. Many people are taking advantage of crypto trading. 

Additionally, many crypto traders today don’t have any trading experience. Some spend hours learning about trading, while others take a shortcut and use auto-trading robots. One such robot is Bitcoin Buyer, and in the following review, we’ll discuss it. 


Is Bitcoin Buyer a Fake or Legit Software?


Before we continue, it’s best to address the giant elephant in the room. Is the Bitcoin Buyer robot a scam? According to our extensive research, Bitcoin Buyer isn’t a scam. However, there are some factors to consider before starting the process. 

First, it’s crucial to remember that trading involves risks, and no tool eliminates them. Although the Bitcoin Buyer app can significantly improve your trading experience, you must understand that you’re still at risk of losing capital. 

Second, it’s vital to understand how the software works. Many people run the software while not completely understanding the process. You don’t need to necessarily understand how the algorithms work or become an expert in trading. 

However, suppose you ignore details and don’t make yourself familiar with how to use the software. In that case, you place yourself at a higher risk of losing cash. 

Third, you must understand that the Bitcoin Buyer software can have problems. Although developers put in a lot of time to make the application work effectively, some users might experience technical issues during trading. Fortunately, the program offers customer support to assist you whenever something goes wrong.

So, suppose you want to get the best results from the Bitcoin Buyer application. In that case, we suggest familiarizing yourself with how it works. Also, keep in mind that the trading tool does not decrease or eliminate the Bitcoin trading risks. 


Bitcoin Buyer Detailed Honest 2021 Review 


Now that we’ve established Bitcoin Buyer as a legit trading tool, we can continue our review. In the next section, we’ll discuss the app and the pros and cons of using the software. We’ll also break down this software’s specs and demonstrate how to open a trading account. 


What is the Bitcoin Buyer App?


In 2018, a group of trading experts designed the Bitcoin Buyer program, so to simplify trading and make it possible for people with no trading experience to buy-in. It works as a robot that automatically trades Bitcoin on your behalf. 

The software works as an automated Bitcoin trading tool. When using the trading tool, you can choose between an automatic or manual trading process. The computerized system allows you to set parameters before beginning the trading process. 

If you’re a novice trader, you can take advantage of the detailed beginners’ guide. The guide explains the registration process and gives users an overview of what to expect during the trading process. 

Pros and cons of using the Bitcoin Buyer Robot

Our team of experts have tried and tested the Bitcoin Buyer program. We took note of the following pros and cons:


  • The platform required a minimum deposit of €250, which is much less than other automated trading tools. 
  • Users don’t have to pay start-up or monthly subscription fees.
  • The trading robot allows users to trade Bitcoin and several different cryptocurrencies.
  • New users can practice their trading skills with a trade demo version.
  • The trading platform is easy to use and works on various browsers.


  • There’s currently no Bitcoin Buyer mobile app.
  • The software does not decrease or eliminate trading risks. 

Software Features


Bitcoin Buyer Is for Everyone

You don’t need any trading experience or skills to start using Bitcoin Buyer. The app is available to anyone who wants to start Bitcoin trading or improve their existing trading experience. 

The trade software developers also offer a guide to teach novice traders about the ins and outs of crypto trading. In this way, more people have access to the world of trading. 

Secure Trading Platform

When opening an account with the Bitcoin Buyer app, you’ll be asked to provide sensitive information. Many users might be concerned about the safety of the app. Fortunately, the software developing team has security measures to keep all users safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. The program also safeguards your personal information from third-party companies. 

Excellent Customer Service

Although Bitcoin Buyer offers a user-friendly platform, there might be times that you need to ask questions or communicate issues to a Bitcoin Buyer operator. Thankfully, all account holders have access to 24/7 customer service. The representatives respond fast and provide accurate information. 

Demo Version

If you’re new to trading, it can be pretty nerve-wracking to start the trading process. However, the crypto trading software makes it possible for novice traders to experience trading by simulation. In this way, you can test your knowledge and practice trading before entering a live trading session. Unlike a live session, the demo version offers a real-life trading experience without the risks. 


How to open a Bitcoin Buyer Account 


Opening an account is pretty simple and requires the following steps:

Step One: Create a Trading Account

Visit the Bitcoin Buyer official site and Fill out the Registration application form. You will need to create a username and login password. Once the website has verified your information, you can log into your account and proceed to the next step. 

Step Two: Make a Trading Deposit

Before you can start trading, you need to pay a minimum deposit of $250. You can select a suitable payment method and enter your details. You can use a credit or debit card or choose another payment method from the Bitcoin Buyer site. 

Step Three: Begin Trading

After depositing a minimum of 250, you can start trading. It’s recommended that novice traders make use of the demo version and study how the software works. Before starting a live session, ensure that you understand how the parameters work. For more experienced traders, the software allows a manual trading session. 




The Bitcoin Buyer software offers new and experienced traders a trading advantage. However, when using it, it’s vital to understand the software functions. Keep in mind that the software does not protect you against the financial risks of trading.