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Immediate Bitcoin Review: Is It Worth It?

Looking for detailed and trustworthy information about Immediate Bitcoin review? You are in the right place. We scoured the internet and got first-hand experience to bring our readers reliable and unbiased information about this bitcoin automated trading platform. We understand that there are thousands of cryptocurrency auto traders online, and only a few are legit. Our experts are always researching and testing trading software to help you make an informed investment decision and avoid getting scammed by fake auto traders. 

Today, we’ll walk you through all the important aspects of Immediate Bitcoin, including what it is and how it works. Additionally, you will discover whether Immediate Bitcoin is legit or a scam. We also shared what we uncovered while checking users’ reviews about the trading app. By the time you are done reading this Immediate Bitcoin Review 2022, we are confident you will be able to make the best decision for yourself.

Fees: Immediate Bitcoin is free to use. However, there is a minimum deposit of 250 USD or 220 EUR to start trading

What is Immediate Bitcoin: Auto trading system with a high success rate

Benefits: Free demo trading feature for new traders, reliable customer support


What is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin Official Website

Immediate Bitcoin is a popular automated trading system that allows investors to earn passive income from bitcoin and other crypto assets. According to the software founders, it was designed to help newbies who have no trading experience profit from the volatility of cryptocurrencies. In other words, you do not have to know the nitty-gritty of bitcoin trading before you can use Immediate Bitcoin to make money. All you need to do is sign up, deposit the minimum trading account, and sit back to watch your profit grow.

Immediate Bitcoin is one of the few crypto auto traders that offers free registration to investors. However, you have to deposit a minimum trading capital of $250 to start trading with the software. The platform has been working for over five years and presently has 100,0000+ active users. Going by the information available on the Immediate Bitcoin’s website, you can make about $800 daily from your $250 initial investment, that’s about $24,000 monthly if you don’t increase your trading capital.


Immediate Bitcoin Review – Is it legit or a scam?

Want to find out if immediate Bitcoin is legit or a scam? Based on our thorough research and first-hand experience, we believe you can earn thousands of dollars monthly on the platform. We started our thorough research by scouring the internet to get users reviews about the software. We explored independent review websites and social media to check what the past and present users of the software have to say about it. About 90% of the Immediate Bitcoin reviews we came across online were positive. Thousands of people claim they have made cool money through the app. 

Our experts also uncovered a few negative reviews about the platform. Some commented that they lost their investment on the platform, while others say their profit didn’t grow as much as they expected. So rather than rely on these on users’ reviews, we decided to give the Immediate Bitcoin a shot. We registered on the platform and deposited the minimum trading capital, $250. After that, we got access to the demo account, which lets us acquaint ourselves with the system, check out its features, and learn how to trade for FREE without risking our money. 

When we became confident about our skills, we hit the start live trading button, and the software took over from there. Aside from setting trading parameters, we did nothing else. The speed and accuracy at which Immediate Bitcoin executed trades was remarkable. By the end of the trading session, we made hundreds of dollars as profit. Based on this experience, we believe the platform is legit. However, this feedback does not mean the software has zero risk. Remember that the crypto market is highly volatile, and no auto trader has a 100% win rate. So there is a risk you can lose your money too. 


How Immediate Bitcoin Works

Immediate Bitcoin works by leveraging artificial intelligence, robotic technology, and Big Data to scan the cryptocurrency market and execute profitable trades for its users. It can analyze billions of information within milliseconds and conduct about 15 trades in a minute. Additionally, Immediate Bitcoin can speculate price movement and make profits using strategies like scalping. 

As a scalping robot, the software can execute profitable trades in the bull and bear market. So unlike traditional bitcoin investors who only make money when the prices are going up, Immediate Bitcoin helps you earn profits non-stop, irrespective of whether the prices of bitcoin and other assets are falling or rising. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that Immediate Bitcoin partners with licensed and high regulated brokers to keep the platform profitable. Also, the brokers provide additional funding to enable the company to make leveraging provisions for its customers. 

How to create an account on Immediate Bitcoin

Immediate Bitcoin registration form

Ready to start earning $800 daily by trading bitcoin and other crypto assets on Immediate Bitcoin? Below is a step by step guide on how to create an account on the platform and start making steady passive income. Based on our first-hand experience, the whole process of setting up your account, from registration, verification, deposit, and trading won’t take more than an hour. 

Follow these steps to get started on Immediate Bitcoin

Create an Immediate Bitcoin account 

The first step is to go to the official website of Immediate Bitcoin. You will see the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top left corner when you get to the home page. Clicking this button will take you to the registration page, where you are to complete a form. Alternatively, you can click on any of the ‘Open A Free Account’ buttons in the middle or bottom section of the page to access the registration form. 

When you get to the registration page, you will have to provide basic personal information like your first name, last name, email address, and phone number to complete the process. Additionally, you will need to create a secured password for your Immediate Bitcoin account. Please do not forget this password because it will be needed anytime you want to log in to your account. Once you complete the registration form, you will get a link to verify the information you provided. 

The verification process involves uploading a government-issued ID bearing the exact name you provided on the registration form. The company claims the verification is necessary to stay compliant with relevant financial regulations guiding their business and prevent unauthorized access to their customers’ accounts. 

Deposit the minimum trading capital

The minimum investment amount you can start with on Immediate Bitcoin is $250. You will have to pay this amount to the company’s account before you can get full access to all the features on the platform, including the demo account and live trading account. There are several payment options available on the site. You can pay with either debit cards or electronic wallets. Also, you can transfer bitcoin directly to the company’s wallet address. 

We can confidently confirm that all deposits to Immediate Bitcoin’s account will be processed the same day. So you can expect to see the initial deposit money in your account a couple of hours after making payment. Please note that this $250 is not a registration fee. You are to use the amount to trade. So you do not have to pay extra money to the platform except if you want to increase your trading capital. 

We do not advise beginners to go beyond the $250 minimum trading capital. We recommend learning the ropes and making some money from the platform before increasing your trading capital. Remember that using an automated trading platform like Immediate Bitcoin does not completely remove the risk of cryptocurrency trading. So there is still a chance that you can lose your investment. The golden rule is to always invest an amount you can afford to lose. 

Learn the ropes using the Demo Account

The demo account is available on the platform to help you master how Immediate Bitcoin works, so don’t skip this process, especially if you are a beginner. Also, a trading guide is available on the site to acquaint yourself with the features on the platform and how to get the most out of them. Before hitting the ‘Go Live’ button, we played around the demo account for a couple of minutes. We tried different trading strategies using the demo account and mastered how best to use Immediate Bitcoin to trade.

Go Live 

Once you are certain that you are good to go, the final step is to click on the start live trading button. This action will take you to the live account where you trade with real money. You will get a prompt to set trading parameters like trading amount, risk level, and more. Here, you can also choose if you want to use the leverage option or not. If you followed our advice by using the demo account to learn, you wouldn’t have difficulty setting these parameters.

The software swung into action immediately after we set the trading parameters. We didn’t have to do anything else. We just watched it execute trades for us. About eight out of every ten transactions executed by the auto trader were profitable. So by the end of the trading session, the software has completed thousands of transactions for us and made hundreds of dollars as profit. Based on this experience, we believe the founders’ claim that you can make about $800 daily from your $250 (Є220) investment is true.


Features of Immediate Bitcoin

Immediate Bitcoin Features 

Perhaps you are wondering whether Immediate Bitcoin is different from other automated cryptocurrency trading systems out there. Our experts have identified some of the features that set the software apart. What’s more, these special features are some of the reasons why we recommend the platform for beginners and even experienced traders who want to earn passive income by investing in bitcoin and other digital assets. 

100% Automated Trading Platform 

Immediate Bitcoin is 100% automated. It does all the market scanning, chart analysis, price prediction, and trade execution for you. This feature makes it suitable for beginners with no cryptocurrency knowledge or trading experience. Furthermore, its 100% automation makes it the ideal trading platform for interested crypto investors who have full-time jobs and can’t afford to spare time for trading. 

  Simple Onboarding Process

Unlike some bitcoin auto traders with a complicated onboarding process, you can set up your account, deposit funds and start trading on Immediate Bitcoin within a few minutes. The registration process is extremely simple. 

User-friendly platform

You don’t need special computer training to use Immediate Bitcoin. You will be able to use the software to trade so far you can operate a smartphone. The website design is simple, and the interface is easy to use. In addition, the web-trader platform isn’t complicated, so we believe you will find your way around it without hassle. What’s more, the website is responsive on almost all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

You are not restricted to Bitcoin only when you invest in this auto trader. Immediate Bitcoin is one of the few auto traders that accept other digital assets like Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano, IOTA, EOS, Binance Coin, and more. 

High Win Rate

Based on our experience, we believe Immediate Bitcoin has about an 80% success rate. If the software executes 100 transactions, you can expect at least 80 to be profitable. This feature makes it possible for investors to earn hundreds of dollars as profit daily. So don’t be surprised when you see users testifying that they made thousands of dollars on the platform monthly.

No License Fees

While most automated trading platforms require users to purchase a license, Immediate Bitcoin does not, at least for now. Though the information on their website suggests they may start charging a fee in the future, it is still 100% free. 

Low Commissions

Immediate Bitcoin charges 1% trading fees only on profitable accounts; this means you don’t pay any amount until you start making money. Additionally, you don’t pay any fee on deposits or withdrawals until you have earned at least $20,000 on the platform. At this stage, the company starts charging you 1% on every withdrawal. 

Leverage Trading

Most cryptocurrency trading platforms only allow you to trade with your money. However, Immediate Bitcoin allows users to borrow trading capital from brokers. The company makes provision for users to leverage up to 5000:1. So with your $250, you can borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to trade. We recommend gaining some experience on the platform before considering this option. 

Professional Customer Service

Immediate Bitcoin offers fast, responsive, and professional customer service. You can contact the company’s representatives anytime, even on holidays. When our team contacted them to make an inquiry, we were impressed with how fast they responded to our questions. What’s more, each user on the platform gets a dedicated account manager that you can always talk to if there is an issue with your account. 

Multiple Banking Options

Undoubtedly, the developers of Immediate Bitcoin considered users’ convenience when designing this trading application. The platform supports multiple banking options, including Visa, Mastercard, cryptocurrencies, and electronic wallets like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and more. 

Fast Payouts

Most scam auto traders allow you to deposit funds fast but don’t process your withdrawals in time. This is not the case with Immediate Bitcoin. The company processes all withdrawal requests instantly, and users get the funds in their account within 24 hours. 

Secure Trading Platform

Immediate Bitcoin uses the most advanced web encryption technology to protect users data and prevent fraud. In addition, the company has a safe verification process in place to ensure unauthorized users don’t access their platform or users’ account.

Tips for getting the most out of Immediate Bitcoin

Are you scared of getting your feet wet? You are not alone. We understand that investing in the cryptocurrency market for the first time can be frightening. Our experts have taken the time to research and come up with tips that will help you get started on the right foot. Following the beginners tips below will minimize your risk and help you get the most out of Immediate Bitcoin. 

Follow the cryptocurrency trading golden rule

The golden rule is to always invest an amount you can afford to lose. Do not borrow money to invest in cryptocurrency, regardless of whether you are trading or buying to keep. The best thing is to start with the minimum trading capital and increase it only when you start making profits.

Withdraw your earnings weekly

Do not be tempted to reinvest all your profits or keep them on the platform. We recommend getting your earnings out daily or weekly. This way, you minimize your risk and stay profitable on the platform. 

Monitor your account

Don’t abandon your account for days. Always keep track of it to ensure the software is running smoothly. We recommend spending at least 20 minutes daily on the account to check the software and update the trading parameters, if necessary. 

Use the trading bots

This tip is especially for investors who are new to cryptocurrency trading. Do not enter the market to trade yourself. If you do, there is a high chance you will lose your money. The better approach is to leverage the trading bots on Immediate Bitcoin as it executes trades faster and more accurately than humans. 

Keep financial records of your earnings

Depending on your location, you may be liable to pay taxes on the profits you earn on Immediate Bitcoin. If you are liable, it is important to keep the necessary documents for tax purposes. 

Advantages of using a Bitcoin Auto Trader 

Using cryptocurrency automated trading systems like Immediate Bitcoin has many advantages over manual trading. Some of the top benefits of using auto trading software are:

Eliminates emotional trading

One common mistake among cryptocurrency traders is emotional trading. Auto traders use artificial intelligence and get insights by leveraging big data, so there is zero possibility of emotional trading. 

Fast execution and high accuracy

Legit bitcoin auto traders like Immediate Bitcoin can scan billions of information on the internet and perform over ten transactions in a minute. This feat is impossible to achieve even by the most experienced crypto traders. So investing in an auto trader will help you make more money than trading manually. 

Non-stop trading

Auto traders are operational 24/7. They work as long as you want them to work. Auto trading software only stops working when you shut them down. 


Frequently asked questions about Immediate Bitcoin

  • Is Immediate Bitcoin a scam?

Based on our thorough and independent investigation, we believe Immediate bitcoin is not a scam. It is also not a crowdfunding scheme. Immediate Bitcoin is a legit auto trading software that helps users make money from cryptocurrencies volatility. 

  • How much do I need to get started?

Creating an account on Immediate bitcoin is free. However, the minimum trading capital is $250. You will need to deposit this minimum amount to start trading on the platform. 

  • How much can I earn on Immediate Bitcoin daily?

With your $250 investment, you can earn about $800 daily. The win rate of the platform is 80%. So you can expect to earn profits from almost all the transactions executed by the software. 

  • Do I need to download an application to use Immediate Bitcoin?

You don’t need to download an app to use the software. You can access the platform any time and any day from your desktop or mobile browsers.

  • Are there hidden fees on the platform?

We do not think the company charges any hidden fees. You only get to pay a 1% commission on profitable trades. 

  • Does the platform charge fees on deposits?

No, withdrawing your earnings on the Immediate Bitcoin is 100% free. The company only starts charging 1% on your withdrawals after earning over $20,000 on the platform

  • Is Elon Musk affiliated with Immediate Bitcoin?

Though Elon Musk is a Crypto enthusiast, he is not affiliated with the company. News about Elon Musk being the founder of Immediate Bitcoin is false.