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The News Spy Review: Can this Platform be Trusted?


Hand holding digital tablet display stock market data with graph and chart for analyze and check before trading with The News Spy trading software


For many investors, the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the diversity of cryptocurrencies being developed every week, the array of useful associated software, and the potential for significant returns make these the most exciting venture to come out of the niche in decades.

The tools that are being developed to help traders to make the best decisions with their money can certainly impact the overall experience, and today we’ll be taking a closer look into everything that The News Spy, a rather new and popular trading robot, has to offer.

Here’s a quick look into everything you need to know about The News Spy; from its advantages, to the downsides that you might want to consider before signing up. 


The News Spy Review

Key features of The News Spy:

  • It’s a safe, secure and reliable website
  • Minimum deposits are less than £200
  • Quick and simple withdrawals
  • There are a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • Users can test the site with a free demo account

First of all, one of the most important questions anyone in your position should ask is if The News Spy is legitimate. With so many different platforms out there, some of which being less reliable than others, it’s important to find one that you can trust. Luckily, the News Spy doesn’t seem to be a scam, with no warning flags being raised.  

Some of the main features of this exchange are its range of available currencies, low deposits and security features, but what about the software itself? One of the most important things to consider about this automatic trading bot is that it searches market-sensitive data, using its fast-processing capabilities to make quick and profitable decisions for its users.

Unlike many other automated traders, which focus on data from technical analysis, a more news-based trading platform is certainly interesting and can come with some unique benefits. This can be especially true when considering that the volatility of the industry is often linked to the news – after all, political bulletins, natural disasters and much more can all impact currency in general. Rapid responses to crypto news leads to profitable trades and minimum losses, typically before anyone else can get in on them.


Are there any flaws with The News Spy?

The software certainly has a lot to offer, both to new traders who aren’t well-versed in crypto to the more experienced investors – but are there any downsides that you need to consider?

Well, like any automated trading platform, The News Spy can’t guarantee you a profit on your trades. It can offer a higher chance of success however, due to the vast array of data that the algorithms will have access to and faster processing times than any human. This doesn’t entirely mitigate the volatility of crypto or the risks that come with it, though.   

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies and are looking for a guaranteed profit every time, you need to know that you won’t find it here or from any other auto trading robots. 


How to get started with The News Spy

Much like many other auto traders out there, this platform aims to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. This comes into play in a variety of ways; from navigating the site, to leaving all the hard work to the smart algorithms. It’s also worth noting that making an account with The News Spy can be straightforward, which is something that pretty much any trader can benefit from.

It only takes two steps before you can begin: registration and depositing funds. Signing up is free to do and only needs a little information, like your name, email and phone number. Then all you need to do is deposit some cash to get yourself going – remember that like most other auto traders, there’s a minimum deposit amount, although being 200 EUR makes it affordable for most individuals.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to talk to a cryptocurrency broker on the site (for no additional cost) before you finally get started with using the trading tools, market feed and of course, the settings for the robot to begin your automated trading. In most cases, it really is that simple.

While some experienced traders may not need or want to speak with a broker directly after setting up, it can certainly be a worthwhile feature for those who are just getting started and may need some guidance. Some may also feel like the minimum deposit amount is a little too much, but this is something that you’ll find with most trustworthy platforms, so it’s usually not a big issue, especially if you’re planning on using money anyway (which in most cases, you will be).


Is The News Spy Worthwhile?

There’s a lot that makes this particular platform a good choice. Cryptocurrencies may be volatile, but with a service like The News Spy, you could significantly increase your chances of earning a profit on your crypto investments.

Our advice, especially for beginners, is to start off small. If you’re using a new platform or investing in a new asset, it’s always a wise idea to test the waters so you can learn a little more about what you’re dealing with. With this in mind, it’s clear why having something like a demo account feature is so useful. Since it’s free, it can be the perfect way for you to learn more about what’s on offer and gain a little experience without having to pay out, and potentially lose, your hard-earned cash. 



The great news is that The News Spy is an outstanding choice for many investors, whether they’re seasoned traders or new to the world of crypto. There are a whole host of fantastic features, a unique way of collecting data and much more that can make for a worthwhile (and ultimately successful)  trading experience. 

Once you have done some research of your own and come to a decision, The News Spy could well be a contender for your crypto trading needs.