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BitIQ App 2021 Opinion – Is it worth it?


Daytrading bitcoins financial markets at a coffeeshop.


Trading in bitcoins has never been easier. Numerous automated trading platforms are offering excellent accuracy. An investor can transfer money, start the trade, sit back and enjoy. Now, this makes it the perfect side income for someone who has a demanding job but wants to earn a little more.

However, are these platforms safe? Can you trust these trading bots with your hard-earned money? Well, you are right to be concerned here. There are many scams going on where you think you are investing your money to earn more, but sadly you will lose it all in no time.

Exercising caution can ensure you don’t fall prey to one of those scams. The cryptocurrency market is so volatile that you may not even understand if you were scammed or just had a bad trade. 

Reliable Bitcoin Trading

BitIQ is a legitimate platform that offers investors fully automated trading and stress-free earning opportunities. You don’t need to know anything about trading, the market, or even about finance. The AI used is well designed to take care of it all for you.

There are enough reviews and updates to indicate that this software has been up and running as promised. 

So, What Is BitIQ? 

BITIQ is an automated trading platform specifically designed for beginners. New traders and those who don’t know much about trading can use this software to trade in bitcoins. It is designed to keep a constant watch over the market, collect data and analyze them to help you trade profitably. This reduces a lot of stress for the trader and ensures that not much time is spent trading.

If you are new to trading and would like to know more about cryptocurrency or trading in them, the BitIQ website gives you a lot of information. 

Why BitIQ is Worth It

This app has many exciting features such as:

  • Fee Free – BitIQ does not charge you any fee to open an account with them. You don’t have to pay any commissions or other fees on your trades either. 
  • Precise – The analysis is very precise and gives you up-to-date information about the ongoing trades. This helps you enter and exit the trades at the right time to optimize your earnings. Even a few seconds can cost you dearly. 
  • Demo – Once you register and are still clueless about what to do and how it all works, you can use the demo account. This gives you a feel of the real trades. You can see how each strategy can play out in the real market without using your real money.
  • Withdrawal – You can withdraw your money anytime you want. There is no limitation here. Your profits at the end of the trading session are credited to your BitIQ account, and you can take it out any time of your choice. You have to file a withdrawal form and can have your money within 24 hours.

BitIQ Honest Review

BitIQ is a legitimate trading app that takes care of all your trading needs. It takes care of all your needs and ensures you don’t feel nervous to trade in bitcoins. All analysis is done for you, and you have information at your fingertips anytime you want. 

Here are a few reasons why BitIQ is better than other similar apps out in the market:

  • Account Manager – You are given a dedicated account manager when you open an account with BitIQ. No matter what your queries are, this person is here to help you out. This enables traders to sit back and relax. You don’t have to go through an elaborate process and wait in line for your query to be answered. You have a dedicated manager to handle it all for you.
  • For New Traders – The app is designed to suit the needs of a new trader or someone who is not very familiar with the cryptocurrency market. The account manager will also be around to help you out anytime. So, you have both – smart software and a human to take care of your investments.
  • User Friendly – The app is very easy to use. No complicated setups are required. You can set limits for your profit as well as loss. This enables you to limit your money and ensure it is all safe at any time. If you have reached a certain profit limit, the trade stops, unlike in humans, where one can get carried away to earn more on the good streak.
  • Compatibility – You can use this app on any device. Be it your computer at work or home or your smartphone on the go. You can install the app, open your account on it and enjoy trading. This enables you to check in on the trades at any time of your choice. Since it is all automated, there is no need for you to be present during trades. However, it is your money, and you can keep checking on it. 
  • Tools – There are some interesting tools offered on this app. Are you not completely comfortable with the software taking on? Do you want to copy some traders’ strategies? You can do that too. You can copy-trade a seasoned traders’ strategy and enjoy the best of both worlds – both human brain and AI intelligence.

How To Get Started?

Want to start trading on BitIQ? It is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to their website
  2. Open a free account
  3. Register with a certified broker
  4. You will be assigned an account manager
  5. The manager will provide the app for you
  6. You can set all your preferences on the app and start trading (or) you can trade through the account manager. 


The high-end SSL encryption offers you a very secured platform to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. This free, fully automated trading app is just what you need if you want to earn some money without spending too much time or effort.

Now is your chance if you have been waiting to enter the cryptocurrency market but have always held back because of your lack of knowledge. You need to be cautious as it is your hard-earned money involved.